Boy Mode was founded by hybrid fashion and textile designer Yavi in 2018, who graduated from the prestigious RMIT university. Boy Mode is the niche where queer-centric art, photography, music, and literature collaborates with fashion and textiles to celebrate modern narratives and identities, above all.

"I came up with the name Boy Mode back in 2014 during my first month in fashion school. I was super inspired by the androgyny in menswear surfacing during that time. Ru Paul’s Drag Race just became a thing, Andrej Pejic was gracing our Tumblr feeds with her beauty, we discovered the cigarette suit by Yves Saint Laurent in fashion history class, and I made my first Pinterest board about guys in corsets.

I took the word “Boy” and paired it with the word “Mode” which could mean “Fashion” in french, also playing off the label “Commes Des Garcon” meaning “like the boy” because I was super (and forever will be) inspired by the Deconstructivism of Rei Kawakubo in the 80's to 90’s. But more than anything, I envisioned owning a label one day under this name that could redefine what it meant to be a “boy” and give people the inspiration they needed to own what the word “boy” meant to them."