An honest look at the true cost of fashion  | B.T.S. of a queer fashion label 💸 - Boy Mode

An honest look at the true cost of fashion | B.T.S. of a queer fashion label 💸

Fashion transparency. How much should you pay and what's a fair price?

"Fashion is transparent and accountable. Fashion embraces clarity and does not hide behind complexity nor rely upon trade secrets to derive value. Anyone, anywhere can find out how, where, by whom and under what conditions their clothing is made."  - Rule #8, Fashion Revolution

You deserve to know that what you're paying for is fairly priced, and not inflated "because of the brand". We believe fashion should be fair for everyone, from the consumers to the makers. To prove our point, we've created a very cute infograph about our pricing matrix to become more transparent with you. This is what goes into each piece you purchase from us. 

  • Cost To Make - This is how much it costs to make something, from the raw material to the labor.  
  • Profit - All of this goes back into the company to create a better experience for you. 
  • Wholesale Margin - This goes into everything behind the scenes of running our business, ranging from direct to some overhead costs. Photoshoots, Office supplies, Samples, Website development, etc.
  • Retail Margin - This goes into everything it costs to maintain our studio rent and website hosting, as well as some pop up markets every now and then.
  • Tax - Pay your taxes! We sure do.

Till next time. ❤️

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