Boy Mode | An Inclusive Queer Clothing Brand 🌈 - Boy Mode

Boy Mode | An Inclusive Queer Clothing Brand 🌈

Enter Boy Mode, an all-inclusive queer fashion label.

Welcome to the B.M. blog where we’ll be tackling all things queer fashion. Boy Mode is an independent fashion label run by designer Yavi and his husband Hugh. This is a place where queer-centric art, photography, music, and literature collaborates with fashion and textiles to celebrate modern narratives and references, above all.

Queer meaning, 

The meaning of queer can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but to make it simple to understand - Queer is an umbrella term we use to define the ever-expanding and evolving spectrum of identities with less risk of excluding certain groups within the community. “That’s pretty ambiguous.” That’s the point. 👍

What to do when you find LGBTQ+ friendly clothing brands. 

There aren’t a lot of queer clothing brands out there so when you find brands like us, hold us close because we’re here to represent our fabulous community. 🌈 If you would like to become part of our story, simply fill in your email address at the bottom of this page and we can keep in touch. 

Till next time. ❤️